Food Basics members in Blenheim & Elmira ratify

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January 4, 2017

On December 6, 2016, Local 175 Members at Food Basics in Blenheim and Elmira ratified a new collective agreement.

Part-time employees receive a lump sum payment of $400 in the first year of the agreement, with an additional $1.10 per hour over the term of the contract. Full-time receive a total increase of $1.50 per hour over the contract term. Contributions to the Part-time Benefit Trust Fund increase by 12 cents per hour.

The new agreement contains significant improvements to scheduling. Part-time employees will now have a minimum number of scheduled hours based on their seniority, with shifts no shorter than four hours. Sunday shifts will be scheduled over and above the regular scheduled Monday-Friday part-time hours. Full-time employees will now only be scheduled up to two nights per week instead of the previous three. In addition, the employer will provide at least two hours’ notice in advance of a part-time employee’s scheduled start if there is no work available.

Strong language improvements were also negotiated to address Steward representation and grievance procedures.

Union Negotiating Committee: Melvina Bond, George Foulis, Brenda Janeczko, Todd Sharp, Servicing Rep Virginia Haggith, Union Rep Brenda Simmons, and Region 4 Director Chris Fuller.