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Kelly Tosato, President, UFCW Local 175

Kelly Tosato, President

Kelly Tosato (she/her) was elected by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board and was sworn into her role as President of UFCW Local 175 on February 14, 2024, becoming one of the first women to lead a Local Union of this size.

Previously, she was elected by the Executive Board to the position of Secretary-Treasurer in 2014, and then acclaimed as Secretary-Treasurer through Local Union Executive Board elections in 2015, 2019, and 2023.

Kelly’s involvement with the UFCW began in 1988/89 after she assisted with organizing her workplace, Pinty’s in St. Catharines, with UFCW Local 617P. She was then elected as the Union Chairperson at Pinty’s as well. Kelly was an Executive Board member for Local 617P leading up to its merger with UFCW Local 175 at which time she became a Vice-President on the Local 175 Executive Board. Kelly was also involved in the St. Catharines District Labour Council.

In 2001, the Local Union hired Kelly to be a Union Representative in the then-Central West region where she provided excellent servicing including bargaining collective agreements and grievance resolution for the members. In 2009, she became Director for Region 2 – one of the most diverse regions within the Local. After Kelly was elected Secretary-Treasurer by the Executive Board in 2014, she also took on the role of Director of Region 1 for the members in Northwest Ontario, and continued in that dual role for several years.

Kelly is involved on a number of Union-related committees including: sitting as a dental plan trustee, being on the PBAS Board of Directors, and she is on the National Defence Fund (NDF) Committee as well. On February 27, 2024, Kelly was elected to the position of International Vice-President at the International Executive Board meeting held in San Antonio, Texas. 

As President of the largest UFCW Local Union in North America, Kelly is a strong advocate for all working people and a champion for the advancement of workers’ and human rights.

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Jim McLean, Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW Local 175

Jim McLean, Secretary-Treasurer

On February 14, 2024, Jim McLean (he/him) was elected by a unanimous vote of the Local 175 Executive Board and was sworn into his role as Secretary-Treasurer. Previously, Jim had served the Members of our Local Union in various roles including nearly eight years as Executive Assistant to the President.

Jim began his career as a retail grocery worker at Zehrs in Orangeville in 1980, where he worked for nearly 13 years, and was a member of UFCW Local 1977. He also worked at the Bolton Zehrs store for a few years and spent several years in the manufacturing industry at McDonnell Douglas.

While at Zehrs, Jim quickly took on a leadership role in the store and became a Union Steward in 1981. He also represented his co-workers on the workplace Health & Safety Committee for eight years.

Throughout his years, Jim has been an active and engaged Union member. He became the Local 1977 Leukemia Fundraising chair person and he also worked as an Organizer for the Union as a Special Projects Union Representative (SPUR). Jim also became an Executive Board Vice President and served in that capacity for a number of years.

In 1993, Local 1977 hired Jim full-time, first as a Union Representative, then as the Collective Bargaining Coordinator.

Jim was an integral part of the merger between UFCW Local 1977 Local 175 in August 2011. At Local 175, Jim took on the role of Director for Regions 5 and 7 until he was appointed as Executive Assistant to the President in 2016. Jim is active on a number of union-related committees and trusts, as he has been throughout his Union career.

As Secretary-Treasurer of Local 175, Jim is dedicated to upholding the trust and best interests of the more than 70,000 members of this Union.

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Executive Board


Local 175 Officers

Kelly Tosato, President

Jim McLean, Secretary-Treasurer

Karen Vaughan, Recorder

Local 175 Vice-Presidents

  • Chigozie Agubata
  • Paul Alexander
  • Gloria Almonte
  • Yudesh (Andrew) Anand
  • Guillermo Avila
  • Gregg Boyachuk
  • Maggie Brayson
  • Christina Brown
  • Lorne Bruce
  • Paul Capranos
  • Paula Castilloux
  • Michael Collins
  • Tyler Colwell
  • Alain Couture
  • Kelon Dabreo
  • Rakesh Desai
  • Ross Fraser
  • Chris Fuller
  • Scott Gaboury
  • Lynne Grant
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Dawn Hanlon
  • Jennifer Hoskins
  • Damian Hulshof
  • Scott Jackson
  • Yonis Jama
  • Sharon Jones
  • Kelly Kobitz
  • Sherry Lotaquon
  • Murray MacRae
  • Fawzia Mohamed
  • Kasiobi Nwankudu
  • Jean Patenaude
  • James Antony Pathmarajah
  • Skip Pavlick
  • Sheryl Raymond
  • Dionne Reid
  • Alan Reston
  • Joy Searles
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Linda Souliere
  • Rick Szyja
  • Jonathan Van Egmond
  • Peter Wasney
  • Byron Williams

Local 633 Officers

  • Brian Kozlowski, President
  • Julie MacCrae, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Rita-Lynn Swiderski, Recorder

Local 633 Vice-Presidents

  • Dennis Gagnon
  • Agron Klecka
  • Anne Marie Stevens

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Kelly Tosato


Jim McLean


Karen Vaughan


Chris Fuller

Executive Assistant to the President

Lee Johnson-Koehn

Executive Assistant to the President

Angela Mattioli

Executive Assistant to the President

Region 1 (Thunder Bay Office)

Director – Tracy Stubbs

Union Representatives – Alex Stubbs

Servicing Representative – Lynne Grant

Region 2 (Mississauga Office)

Director – Jason Hanley

Union Representatives – Chris Bernardi, Ricardo Bocanegra, Amanda De Melo, Sacha Edey, Christina Mayberry, Amy Tran

Region 3 (Ottawa Office)

Director – Paul Hardwick

Union Representatives – Sean Carroll, Shannon Epp,
Kimberly Hunter, Joe Tenn

Servicing Representative – Damian Hulshof

Region 4 (Mississauga Office)

Director – John Di Nardo

Union Representative – Jennifer Hanley

Servicing Representatives – Fatima Butt, Nunzio Cannistraci, Art Gier,
Dawn Hanlon, Shirley Hepditch, Braden Messervey, Maxine Prince

Region 5 (Cambridge Office)

Director – Jehan Ahamed

Union Representatives – Arlene Robertson, Mario Tardelli

Servicing Representatives – Kelly Dick

Region 6 (Mississauga Office)

Director – Sam Caetano

Union Representatives – Dave Forbes, Jason Hanley, Chris Mayberry, Nelson Pereira, Melody Slattery,
Navidad Talbot, Fred Teeple

Region 7 (Cambridge Office)

Director – Jehan Ahamed

Union Representatives – John Beaton

Servicing Representatives – Julie Jodoin, Skip Pavlick, Michael Windley

Region 8 (Sudbury Office)

Director – Derik McArthur

Union Representatives – Jeff Barry, Michael Bernier, Richard Eberhardt, Jim Hames

HOPE Sector – Long-term Care & Retirement (Cambridge Office)

Director – Sandra Ashcroft

Union Representatives – Ayesha Jabbar, Todd Janes, Derek Jokhu, Dean McLaren, Steve Springall

HOPE Sector – Community Care (Mississauga Office)

Director – Mike Mattioli

Union Representatives – Nabeela Irfan, Sabrina Qadir, Meemee Seto, Hodan Wais

Organizing Department

Director – Tony Nigro

Organizing Representatives – Joce Cote, Tim Hum, Jeffery Lu, Casey Magee

Pay Equity

Coordinator – Matt Davenport

Representative – Orsola Augurusa

Workers’ Compensation Department

Coordinator – Sarah Neath

Workers’ Compensation Representatives – Joanne Ford, Ashley Hunt, Courtney Salomons

Intake Representative – Georgina MacDonald

Health & Safety

Director– Kelly Nicholas

Healthy & Safety Representative – Donna Rhodes

Legal Department

Director – Jane Mulkewich

Legal Counsel – Shauna Fabrizi, Christopher Jagodits, Matthew Jagodits,
Ambar Reyes, Brandon Rodrigues

Paralegal – Gordon Steinberg

Training & Education

Director – Kelly Nicholas

Servicing Representative – Teresa Wilson

Communications Department

Coordinator – Jennifer Tunney

Communications Representatives – Laurie Duncan, Ashleigh Vink

Project Coordinator

Coordinator – Wei Chen