Members at Ingredion achieve new agreement

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January 5, 2017

The more than 60 members of the bargaining unit at Ingredion Canada in London ratified a new collective agreement on December 29, 2016.

Over the four-year agreement term, workers receive increases totalling 10.75% to the base rates. In addition, Utility Skill Block pay improves by $500. Members achieved an additional Statutory Holiday day in the form of a personal day paid at double time.

New language allows retirees to receive their full vacation entitlement if they retire within the first day of the new vacation year.

Members benefit from language improvements including a reduced sunset clause of 12 months, from 24 months, as well as paid time to introduce new members to the Union. Bereavement entitlement also improves to provide additional time off from work.

The tool allowance for Maintenance Department workers increases to $600 per year, and workers will receive up to $300 per year toward the purchase of safety shoes. The employer will supply an additional pair if the employee can demonstrate a need due to wear and tear.

Union Negotiating Committee: Pay Boyle, Oliver Brkic, Brian Harms, Jessica Potter, and Union Rep Mike Mattioli.