Coca-Cola Barrie members achieve deal with no concession despite tough round of bargaining

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October 9, 2020

On October 4, 2020, members employed at Coca-Cola in Barrie ratified a new collective agreement.

Members at Coca-Cola Barrie ratifyThe Union Negotiating Committee had a difficult round of bargaining. The employer came to the table with a number of concessions on items such as overtime language, sick pay, and rates for new hires.

Despite this, the members of the Union Negotiating Committee worked hard and achieved an agreement that contains no concessions. The ratified deal at Coca-Cola Barrie includes wage increases and good language for banking overtime as well.

In the improved overtime language, employees may now bank up to 60 hours of overtime per year. Employees can use that banked overtime for days off, or in lieu to prevent layoff. Any hours remaining unused at the end of the calendar year will be paid out in full.

Coca-Cola Barrie members ratify deal with no concessionsOver the term of the agreement, employees will see across-the-board increases totalling $3.87 per hour.

This collective agreement covers more than 100 full-time and part-time/temporary employees at Coca-Cola in Barrie.

Union Negotiating Committee: Dean Baggs, Steve Bryce, Mark Edwards, Brad Nixon, and Union Rep Derek Jokhu.