YIG members in Rockland ratify improvement to wages and grids

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April 14, 2023

Parent YIG in Rockland ratified a five-year agreement on April 11,2023. Wage improvements are as follows: full and part-time members at or above end rate: Date of ratification – $1.20, March 1, 2024 – $.40, March 1, 2025 – $0.35 and March 1, 2026 – $0.35.

Updated full-time wage grids where all full-time grids will be reduced from 48 months to 36 months. All full-time will receive a signing bonus of $1400.

Part-time wage scale reduced from 6501+ hrs to 4501+ with an end rate of Minimum wage +$0.85.

For current part-time at the 6501+ end or those part-time above end rate effective Mar. 31, 2024, should Minimum wage increase above their scheduled increase for that particular year, they will receive the difference. Part-time at or above end rate shall receive a signing bonus of $700 and part-time in progression $100.

The night shift premium will increase to $1.00/hr. Safety footwear allowance will increase to $100 per year for full-time and every 2 years for part-time.

Union negotiating committee: Jacob Campbell and Shannon Essex. Union Representative: Shannon Epp.

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