YIG members in Perth unanimously ratify new deal

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August 2, 2023

The members employed by Barnabe’s YIG in Perth have voted unanimously in favour of a new collective agreement on July 27, 2023. Members will receive wage increases of: Full and Part time at Date of Ratification: $0.70 (retroactive to date of expiry), January 2024 – $0.50, January 2025 – $0.40, January 2026 – $0.35 and January 2027 – $0.35. Part-time members not at end rate and students will receive a signing bonus of $100.00.

Increases were negotiated throughout the full-time wage scale and for part-time workers the end rate hours were reduced to 5751 hours down from the previous 6501 hours. All part-time workers are now on the same wage grid and beginning January 20, 2024 part-time employees at end rate will have a wage differential guarantee if the government increases the minimum wage to a higher amount than the negotiated wage increases.

Other language improvements include:

  • Safety Boot allowance increased to $100.00 from $85.00 for full-time every 12 months and part-time every 24 months.
  • Improved Bullying and Harassment language
  • Shift Swap language added for part-time employees
  • Shift Marketplace language added for part-time employees

Union negotiating committee: Ryan Byrne and Shane Dowdall. Union representative: Joe Tenn.

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