Workers at five retirement homes achieve highest wage increases in a HLDAA award to date  

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August 2, 2023

The 256 members at five Omni Health Care homes in Picton, Brighton, Jasper and Almonte have achieved a HLDAA award with the highest wage increases in the province to date. After a difficult set of negotiations, the two-year agreement was awarded on July 5, 2023.

Members will receive wage increases of 3.5% in each year. Additionally, RPNs will receive a top up of $1.25 per hour over the two years. The $3.00 PSW wage enhancement from the provincial government will be encompassed into wages before the negotiated wage increase is calculated.

Almonte workers wages will be brought up to the other four homes wages in 2023, a significant achievement for these members.

Members will now receive the shift premium even if they are not on a rotating shift which was not the case prior and the weekend premium will increase to $.45/hour up from $.20.

Union negotiating committee: Richard Barr, Sue Courtney, Molly Hendrick, Connie Murphy, Neil Pederson, Karen Vaughan and Deedee Whitehead. Union representative: Dean McLaren

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