Wilfrid Laurier University members in Waterloo ratify

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September 16, 2021

The new 3-year agreement will include increases of 1% each year.  The limitations of Bill 124 prohibit us from being able to negotiate further, however there is a possibility of an increase of 1.2% in the 3rd year should the Bill no longer be in effect and binding on the parties.

Weekly work schedules will now be emailed to all bargaining unit members.

Benefit improvements include the inclusion of psychotherapist added to the list of service practitioners and vision coverage will be extended to include prescription sun glasses.

The bereavement language will now include coverage for guardians and two additional paid days if travel is required. Language improvements were also made to provide for gender neutral and gender expression language.

Union negotiating committee:  Mat Campbell, Denise MacDonald and Debbie Pinkson. Union Rep: Jason Hanley.

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