Why Join?

You’re not alone. Chances are you and your co-workers already talk about not having enough respect at work, not getting paid enough, not having benefits, and being overworked with too little time to do too much.

Research shows unionized workers are happier with their pay, workload, training, and safety conditions than their non-unionized counterparts. So, turn those conversations about your frustrations at work into discussions about how to make things better by starting a Union.

  • Get the respect you deserve for the work that you do.
  • Use Collective Bargaining to achieve the wages and benefits you need to take care of the ones you love.
  • Too few hours to do too much work.

Members of UFCW Locals 175 & 633 benefit from:

  • Strong, competitive collective agreements with good wages, benefits, and more.
  • Regular visits from your Union Rep who works to fix problems in the workplace quickly and effectively.
  • Inclusion, support, and respect. Your voice will be heard.
  • Added services like assistance with workplace injury claim appeals, health and safety support, and free educational opportunities.

UFCW Locals 175 & 633 has some of the strongest collective agreements in Canada and we work hard to enforce those agreements and, above all else, protect your rights.

Learn more about the Benefits of Joining UFCW Locals 175 & 633

Job Security

When you belong to UFCW Local 175 you have job security through Just Cause Protection. That means you will never be unjustly fired or disciplined. It is up to the employer to prove they have just cause to take such action and you will have the resources of the Union`s legal department fighting to get your job or missed pay back to you. Learn more about Just Cause protection.

Seniority Rights

In a Unionized workplace, your length of service with your employer is worth something. Your seniority plays an important factor with respect to scheduling hours of work, vacation time, and job promotions along with layoffs and recalls. In Non-Union workplaces, favouritism is an ongoing problem.

Strong Collective Agreements

Elected negotiating committees consult with members to find out the important issues in a round of negotiations. Your collective agreement, in addition to better benefits and wages, also guarantees you hours of work, seniority rights, protection from harassment and discrimination, safe working conditions and scheduled break times.

Educational Opportunities

President Shawn Haggerty and the staff of Locals 175 & 633 believe that providing education and training is essential to helping members achieve personal and professional goals and securing the kind of future they deserve. The Local offers many free educational courses online, in-class or through the mobile training unit.

Better Pay & Benefits

Government statistics show unionized workers make an average of 30 per cent more that non-unionized workers in the same industries. Locals 175 & 633 have more than 1,100 collective agreements across Ontario and at every negotiation we achieve better wages for you. Read about how the Union can help with salary stability.

Grievance Procedures

Your rights in your collective agreement are protected. When your rights are violated, you can file a grievance with the Union. You must inform your Steward and/or Union Representative if your rights have been violated – whether it’s with regard to pay, benefits, harassment or any other rights` violation. Grievance procedures are timely and if unresolved between the employer and Union, will proceed to arbitration.

Health, Dental & Vision Care Coverage

Members of Locals 175 & 633 enjoy some of the best health and welfare benefits in Canada. This includes pensions, dental and vision care coverage, sick pay, disability insurance and many other benefits. Your collective agreement ensures you have the freedom to take necessary time off work, start a family or take the vacation you want and deserve.