Wholesale Club members in Sudbury ratify deal

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October 10, 2018

Local 175 Union members at Wholesale Club Sudbury ratifyRecently, the unionized employees at the Wholesale Club in Sudbury ratified a new collective agreement.

Previously, the Wholesale Club in Sudbury operated as a National Grocers. The store converted to the new format in November 2014. The Members at the store had added benefits under the National Grocers agreement such as floating holidays, and extra weeks of vacation entitlement. Through this negotiation, the Union’s committee was able to achieve a contract with no such concessions and the members maintained those added benefits.

Full-time employee end rates improve by a total of 80 cents per hour over the term of the contract. In addition, full-time employees receive a $400 lump sum upon ratification and another lump sum of $425 in year three. Part-time employees benefit from a new wage grid that maintains a gap ahead of minimum wage. The part-time time staff at end rate receive a lump sum of $200 upon ratification. Those not at the end rate who have been employed for at least one year, will receive a $150 lump sum in the second year of the agreement.

In other monetary improvements, full-time receive an annual boot allowance of $110. Part-time get $90 in years one and three toward the purchase of boots as well.

Bereavement leaves improves to include one day’s paid leave for the death of an aunt, uncle, niece, and nephew. In addition, new language allows members to defer a day of bereavement for delayed internment or memorial.

­The employer will now contribute $200 annually to the UFCW Local 175 Training & Education Fund.

­Lastly, the employer will contribute $200 to the UFCW Local 175 Training & Education Fund.

Local 175 Union members at Wholesale Club Sudbury ratify

The four full-time and nine part-time employees at Wholesale Club secured the contract at a ratification vote on October 4, 2018.

Union Negotiating Committee: Joyce LaBranche, and Union Reps John Beaton and Derek Jokhu.

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