Welcome workers at Villa Retirement Lodge

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December 18, 2018

UFCW 175 welcomes employees at Villa Retirement Lodge to the UnionOn November 30, 2018, our Union welcomed new members from Villa Retirement Lodge in Midland.

The health care workers won their certification vote after only a week and a half of organizing. The new bargaining unit is comprised of eight full and part-time Resident Attendants at the retirement home.

Employees at Villa Retirement Lodge wanted more job security, and to have specific language around vacations too.  In addition, other reasons that brought these workers to the Union included wages, benefits, and working short-staffed.

Employees at Bayfield House in nearby Penatanguishene, who work for the same parent company, belong to UFCW Local 175 as well. “Our Local Union was a natural fit for these workers,” said Russel Evans, who is an organizer with Local 175. “Our Union Reps have experience with their employer. Plus, we represent thousands more health care members across the province as well.”

Congratulations to the employees at Villa Retirement Lodge, and welcome to Your Union!

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