Warehouse workers at Katoen Natie in Mississauga ratify a new agreement

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June 7, 2021

Katoen Natie warehouse members in Mississauga ratified a new five-year agreement on May 18, 2021. These workers will receive wage increases of 2% in each year of the term as well as lump sum payments as follows: Year 1 – $750, Year 2 – $500, Year 3 – $500, Year 4 -$1000 and Year 5 – $500. The afternoon shift premium will also increase to $.60 per hour. Additionally, a new wage grid was negotiated with a new start rate of $20 – 21.50 per hour which is nearly $4.00 higher than the previous start rate. This new wage grid will also help to recruit new employees.

Benefit improvements include an increased pension payment of $1.10 per hour up from $1.07. Vision coverage increases from $200 to $300 and orthotics from $200 every 2 years to $500 every 2 years. Benefits after probation improvement from previous 1 year.  The Boot Allowance will increase from $150 to $250.

Language improvements were made to the vacation article and overtime language improvements will permit for whole building seniority.

Negotiating Committee: Sandro DeCecco and Barry Neddo. Union Representative: Melody Slattery

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