Wage, vacation, and other improvements in Windermere on the Mount agreement

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March 26, 2021

Recently, UFCW Local 175 members at Windermere on the Mount Retirement Residence in London achieved a new collective agreement.

Windermere on the Mount members ratifyThrough the assistance of a Conciliation Officer on the final day of bargaining, the Union Negotiating Committee achieved an agreement with wage adjustments and an additional statutory holiday starting in 2023. The Committee also worked diligently to address several language concerns through bargaining.

As a result, the agreement contains language that allows for better vacation selection and removes barriers so that employees may switch shifts when necessary. Further improvements changed bereavement leave for the better as well. All members, many of whom have relatives who live abroad, will be entitled to the same bereavement leave whether they are able to attend a funeral or not.

Wages for the members will increase by 2% in each year of the agreement. In addition, all classifications except Dishwasher will receive rate adjustments of 10 cents per hour in year two, 10 cents per hour in year three, and 15 cents per hour in year four. All members will benefit from a new Uniform allowance of 8 cents per hour worked.

Further language improvements make the pension plan more accessible for workers by expanding the window during which they can opt-in to the plan.

In addition, members will benefit from increased vision care coverage of $225, up from $200, and a show allowance of $70 every two years.

The agreement covers 32 full-time employees at Windermere on the Mount Retirement Residence in London. Members ratified the agreement on March 16, 2021.

Union Negotiating Committee: Jonte Hinzey and Union Rep Mike Mattioli.

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