Wage and benefit improvements for Holiday Inn Express members in North Bay

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November 19, 2020

Members of UFCW Local 175 working at the Holiday Inn Express North Bay achieved a new three-year agreement at a vote held October 27, 2020.

In a year that saw the hospitality industry hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Union Negotiating Committee was able to achieve a number of improvements. While the parties did make use of a Conciliation Officer briefly, the Committee worked hard to bring a fair agreement to the members for their vote.

Members receive wage increases in each of the three years in the collective agreement term:

  • 75% in year one;
  • 25% in year two;
  • 5% in year three.

In addition, the wage grid improves for new employees with a new progression between probation and reaching the one-year mark. Members will also benefit from increased call-out and reporting hours to four hours instead of three.

The Health & Welfare plan will now be provided through the UFCW Benefit Fund. Members also gain some improved coverage including short-term disability and improved dental coverage. In addition, the employer will now pay the full cost of the plan premiums, which eliminates the previous co-pay. This will put $12.25 per week back in the pockets of the members.

Lastly, the employer agreed to pay 100% of the cost to print collective agreements, and 100% of the cost for the first nine days spent in negotiations, conciliation, or interest arbitration in the next round of bargaining.

Further improvements include some housekeeping language changes and improvements to the discipline policy.

This three-year collective agreement provides protection for the 26 unionized employees at the Holiday Inn Express located in North Bay.

Union Negotiating Committee: Talia Foster, Cathy Legault, Nikki Poulin, and Union Reps Jeff Barry and Richard Eberhardt.

Holiday Inn North Bay Negotiating Committee 2020

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