Vibrant Healthcare members secure benefit and language improvements.

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April 29, 2021

The members at Vibrant Healthcare in Toronto ratified a new three year agreement on April 20, 2021. These workers received wage increases as per the LHIN funding. Anyone whose classification does not fall under that funding will receive a $700 lump sum payment.

Employees are now able to use their sick days for family members, mental health and other appointments. Members can also now reduce their schedule in a day by 30 minutes by taking a shorter lunch.

Improvements to the professional development language will now allow for money to be used to pay for the college fee and other wellness expenses. Any funds that remain at the end of the year will be paid out at 50%. The bereavement language will be amended so that if the bereavement should happen while a member is on vacation, they will be credited for those vacation days.

There will be the addition of one steward as well as improvements to leave of absence and vacation language.

Negotiating committee: Mitra Azhdarkosh Union Representative: Casey Magee

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