Vermillion Bay Co-op members ratify agreement

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December 21, 2020

Vermillion Bay Co-op members ratify agreement that sees pandemic premium rolled into permanent rate increase.

Earlier on in the pandemic, this employer stepped up to pay a premium of $1.25 per hour to its employees. This premium not only continues currently, but it will now be rolled into the permanent rate for all employees hired prior to ratification  at Vermillion Bay Co-op.

Members also benefit from an improved shift premium of 50 cents per hour for hours worked after 6 p.m. In addition, an employee working outside the scope of the collective agreement for more than five days shall receive a premium of 65 cents per hour. A premium of $1.25 per hour will apply when a supervisor fills in for management.

Vermillion Bay Co-op members ratify

Lastly, language throughout the agreement will now be gender neutral.

The agreement, which members ratified on December 8, 2020, covers eight full-time employees at the store.

Union Negotiating Committee: Christine Bouchard, Union Rep Alex Stubbs, and Executive Assistant to the President, Jim McLean.

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