UFCW Ontario Provincial Council is Proud to support Outshine 2017

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May 23, 2017

The UFCW Ontario Provincial Council was proud to support Egale’s Outshine 2017 conference on April 28 – 30.

Your Union believes initiatives like this are important as we aim to change the conversation in our schools to create safer spaces on our journey towards equality for all LGBTQI2S youth.

At UFCW, we believe that support for LGBTQ individuals and education for allies is crucial to maintaining a safe and positive work environment for our members, which is why we focus on inclusion and provide diversity outreach for each one of our staff members.

Local 175 Executive Assistant Sylvia Groom had the honour of speaking to the conference. Sylvia explained that the Local has incorporated gender neutral and gender inclusive language into collective agreements. In addition, the Local Union works with employers including retail where we represent a large number of youth, to amend policies to ensure reflection of workplace diversity.

Together, we need to work closely to make our shared vision of equality for LGBTQ youth and workers a reality! We have the ability to influence cultural change in our schools and in our workplaces one person at a time.