UFCW Locals 175 provincial agreement with Barn Markets a Division of Metro Ontario Inc. ratifies

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July 7, 2022

The 13 stores representing almost 1000 workers covered by the Barn Markets a Division of Metro Ontario Inc agreement, ratified a new five-year deal. After eight days of negotiations the committee comprised of 4 members including Full and Part Time, unanimously recommended the settlement to the membership that was successfully ratified at 6 in-person meetings across the province on June 15th 2022.

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved significant wage improvements throughout the contract, with all first-year rate increases and adjustments paid retroactive to September 25, 2021.

A new revised meat cutter pay scale will increase the current start rate by $2.15 per hour in 2021, to reach a rate of $23, with additional wage increases in each year of the contract thereafter. The contract now includes part-time meat cutters and they also received a special wage adjustment of $3.65 so that they will be paid the same $23 rate as full-time meat cutters.

As a result of this change for meat cutters, Assistant Meat Department Heads will also see a wage adjustment of $2.75 per hour in the start rate with additional wage increases in each year of the contract thereafter.

Newly negotiated full-time Union positions of Assistant Head Cashier, Assistant Deli Department, Dairy Department Head and Floral Department head will create many new full-time jobs.

Improvement in the Vision Care allowance will see an increase from $200.00 to $300.00 for full and part-time and Short-Term Disability has been increased from 66 2/3% at $520.00 per week to $638.00 per week. Benefits have also been negotiated for all active full and part-time employees who work beyond age 65, ensuring benefits for approximately 30 members. The safety boot allowance will increase from $100 to $125 for both full and part-time members.

A new Early Retiree Benefit plan has been negotiated for Full Time who elect early retirement under the Pension at age 55, such that benefits continue to age 65.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation has been added to the list of holidays for all employees.

Other improvements include the addition of a new PEL (Personal Emergency Leave) day for full-time employees. Part-time employees have achieved a new Sick Leave Plan that provides up to 24 hours of sick time for eligible part-time workers, which is generally unheard of in grocery retail, and a paid Long Service Leave Day after the completion of 20 years of employment.

There is new language governing online grocery orders which Metro refers to as the E-Commerce business, that provides structure and defined full and part-time jobs.

Vacation language improvements will allow for more employees to be off at the same time during the summer months.

There will be a new student Leave of Absence program for students attending post secondary studies. This will allow these students to take a LOA for periods of up to 4 months to attend their studies without losing their seniority. Additionally, there is new Post Secondary Student transfer language that allows Students to transfer to another store close to their university or College while attending, and to be able to transfer back to their home store after completion of school without loss of seniority.

Union negotiating committee: Dave Romaniuk #141, Linda Isherwood #147, Elaine Collier #214, Trudie Mitchell #229, John DiNardo-Director, Tim Kelly-Representative and Jennifer Hanley-Representative.

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