The members in Mindemoya at Foodland have a new collective agreement

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September 22, 2021

The new three-year agreement at Mindemoya Foodland was ratified on September 7, 2021 and will include wage increases for full and part time members as follows: new wage grids with minimum wage plus language including end rates. Members at end rate will receive a $350 lump sum payment in each year of the agreement. Premium for closing will be $.75/hour.

The RRSP contributions increased to $350 dollars per year for full time and $175 dollars per year for part time. There will be a new health and welfare benefit plan for full-time workers with a 50/50 copay.

Members with 10 years of service will receive an additional week of vacation members and with 20 years service will also receive an additional week of vacation. Sick days increase to 100% paid.

Language was also negotiated to allow for volunteer firefighters to leave work to attend a fire call.

Union negotiating committee: John McMaster & Jedd Taylor. Union representative: Jeff Barry

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