Teachers at TAIE International Institute in Toronto ratify 1st agreement

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September 17, 2019

Congratulations to the members employed at TAIE International Institute in Toronto, who ratified their first collective agreement as Union members recently.

To achieve their first contract, the Union Negotiating Committee filed charges against the employer at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) regarding Successor Rights and Bargaining in Bad Faith. The teachers at TAIE first joined Local 175 in October 2017. The Members waited patiently through a long process until the parties reached an agreement finally with the assistance of a Ministry of Labour Conciliation Officer.

“This is a good example of why our Union lobbies for worker protections like First Contract Arbitration,” said President Shawn Haggerty. “We made use of the labour laws available to us and the services of the Ministry of Labour, and this process still took nearly two years. It’s unacceptable.”

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved important language to provide partial work/income protection for the Members should classes be cut or cancelled during a semester. This guarantee of payment will be calculated depending on when the cancellation/cuts occur.

Members will now receive their pay bi-weekly by direct deposit. Previously, pay cheques came once a month. Wages will be paid as a salary per semester of teaching with a prescribed formula for weekly, daily, and hourly rates.

Initially, based on an hourly rate, the average teacher will receive an increase averaging about 23% in the first year.

In the following four years covered by the contract term, teachers will receive an annual increase of 2.5%. Lastly, members will receive retroactive pay for time worked since November 26, 2018.

In terms of benefits, the employer will implement a RRSP-matching plan for the Members at TAIE after ratification. In addition, a new benefit plan will provide optical, dental, and prescription drug coverage for the Members.

This first collective agreement provides Members with a grievance and arbitration process to handle issues that arise in the workplace. In addition, language includes Union representation rights, health and safety protection. Plus bereavement entitlement and other leaves of absence, including job-protected leaves are covered by the agreement. The Members will also benefit from seniority rights as well as layoff and recall rights.

The contract includes improved vacation entitlement, plus paid holidays, which the employees never had before. Plus, the Members will now receive two paid sick days per calendar year.

Ratified on August 24, 2019, this agreement covers the 25 full-time employees at the TAIE Institute in Toronto.

Union Negotiating Committee: Moses Klein, Jenny Lau, and Union Rep John Di Falco.

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