Taste of Nature in Markham has ratified a new two-year deal

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July 22, 2022

Members in Markham working at Taste of Nature Inc. ratified a two-year agreement on July 7, 2022.

There will be an increase to the Packer rate of $.75 in Year 1 and a general wage increase of 3% to all workers in all classifications in Year 2. Members will also receive lump sum payments of: 0-2yrs of service $100, 2-5 years of service $200 and 5+ years $300. Evening production shift premium will be $1.00 and Night sanitation crew premium will be $1.50 increased from $0.35.  A new “Production” Lead Hand premium will be introduced of $2.00/hr.

Other language improvements include:

  • Boot allowance increase from $100 to $150,
  • Extra week vacation at 15 years of service paid at 10%,
  • NEW- Stewards to receive 15 minutes with new hire,
  • The two float days in each year will no longer be plant mandated for shutdowns and members can use them for personal reasons and paid out if not used.
  • Members are permitted to save one day paid bereavement to be used for a delayed funeral or spring interment. To be used within six months.

Union negotiating committee: Jin Fen Rita Huang and Kiritharan Kulasingam. Union Rep: Sacha Edey.

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