Tanner’s YIG in Espanola has a new collective agreement

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June 22, 2021

On June 13, 2021 Tanners YIG in Espanola ratified a six- year agreement.Tanners YIG ratifies

Wage improvements equal $1.95 over the term of the agreement with $.50 on the date of ratification retroactive back to October 2019. Year one $.25, Year two $.25, Year 3 $.30, Year 4 $.30 and Year 5 $35.

Improvements include an increase to both full and part-time members for the safety footwear allowance to $100. Members who are designated to look after the store when owners or management are not present will receive $.50 per hour for all hours worked.

Union Negotiating Committee: Melissa Ankersmit, Cassandra-Ann Guppy and Donald Noel. Union Representatives Jeff Barry and Richard Eberhardt.

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