Super 8 workers achieve wage increases in merged agreement

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September 17, 2018

Super 8 Sudbury - Unionized employees ratifyCongratulations to the members at the Sudbury Super 8.

The Union negotiating committee achieved a single agreement for the employees at the Super 8 in Sudbury.

Previously, the employees in Housekeeping and at the Front Desk had separate contracts. In addition, at the start of negotiations, the employer wanted concessions and no wage improvements. The Union’s committee succeeded in securing an agreement with wage improvements and no wage concessions.

End rates will increase by 25 cents per hour in each year of the agreement. The first raise is retroactive for hours worked since April 1, 2018. A long-service premium will be applied as outlined in the agreement in the amount of an additional 50 cents per hour.

Bereavement leave improves to provide five days’ paid leave instead of three. In addition, paid bereavement of two days now applies for the death of a niece or nephew as well. Full-time with one year of service receive three Paid Emergency Leave (PEL) days per year.

Super 8 Sudbury - Unionized employees ratify

The members ratified the new agreement at a meeting on September 16, 2018.

Union Negotiating Committee: Krista Breen, Christine Carriere, and Union Rep Derek Jokhu.

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