Sudbury RCSS members achieve new agreement

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October 30, 2018

RCSS Sudbury Members Ratify New Agreement - UFCW175The 200 members working at the Real Canadian Superstore in Sudbury ratified a new collective agreement on October 26, 2018.

The Union negotiating committee achieved a new two-week scheduling arrangement that guarantees more hours for senior part-time Sudbury RCSS employees.

Full-time employees at the end rate receive an increase of 25 cents per hour effective ratification. In addition, full-time end-rate employees receive a $1,000 lump sum, plus another $500 lump sum, and a total of 75 cents per hour over the term of the deal. Part-time employees will see an increase of 80 cents per to the end rate as of ratification. Subsequent increases include a $500 lump sum, and a new wage grid includes language to keep rates above minimum wage.

RRSP contributions for full-time workers increase to 60 cents per hour in year two. The contribution rate increases again by 10 cents per hour in year four, to reach 70 cents per hour. Employees at the store will move to the Ontario Real Canadian Superstore benefits program, which will save the members 40 cents per hour, as the employer will now pay 100% of the premium cost. The allowance for work boots increases to $100 per year for all employees.

Language improvements address availability and bereavement leave.

RCSS Sudbury Members Ratify New Agreement - UFCW175The employer will contribute $500 toward the UFCW Local 175 Training & Education Fund. In addition, the employer will pay $500 toward the cost of printing agreements for the members at Sudbury RCSS.

Union Negotiating Committee: Dwyer Kittler, Tine Lajeunesse, Christian Leyson, Patrick McNabb, Jamie Young, and Union Reps Jeff Barry, John Beaton, Matt Belanger, and Derek Jokhu.