Successful grievance ends ageist health benefit policies for members at Loblaws

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September 17, 2020

Earlier this year, on behalf of two members working for Loblaw-banner stores in the Ottawa area, the Union filed grievances against the employer regarding its policy on benefits coverage for employees over the age of 65.

Grievance succeeds, ageist health benefit policies end at LoblawsSpecifically, the grievance challenged the company’s denial of benefits coverage to two employees aged 65 and over. The two employees work full-time for Loblaws. Together, they have a combined total of more than 79 years of service with the company. When those employees reached the age of 65, the company terminated their benefit coverage.

It was the Union’s position that this practice was discriminatory and unfair, especially to employees who have dedicated their careers to working for Loblaws. The Union argued that this policy demonstrated age-based discrimination contrary to the collective agreement and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Ultimately, the Union and the company entered into Minutes of Settlement which detailed a resolution where full-time employees who have reached the age of 65 will continue to be eligible for most benefits under the health and welfare plan provided for in the collective agreement.

“We’re pleased that this grievance resulted in a tremendous success,” said President Haggerty. “This agreement marks a true advancement of fairness and equality in workers’ rights.”

Members who have any questions regarding this issue should contact their Union Representative. You can use the Find Your Rep search or send us an email at

The Grievance & Arbitration Procedure is one of the most important protections contained in a Union Collective Agreement. It’s often one of the main reasons that workers vote to join a Union. Find out more about some of the other benefits of joining the Union:

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