Substantial wage increases, driver training premium and benefit improvements ratified by Waste Management Sudbury

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October 5, 2023

Waste Management members in Sudbury ratified a three-year agreement on June 4, 2023 following a difficult set of negotiations and the rejection of an employer final offer.

Members will receive wage increases in Year 1 – 5%, Year 2 – 4%, and Year 3 – 3%. The Driver training premium increased to $3.00/hour up from $1.00/hour. There will also be a $500 signing bonus at ratification.

The Health and Welfare premiums will increase to $285 in Year 1, $305 in Year 2 and $325 in Year 3. The employee benefit plan will switch to the Manion plan for improvements including message therapy and a drug plan benefit increase of three times the previous one to $30,000 dollars per year.

Members will receive an increase to the Safety Boot allowance to $200 dollars twice per year. The Health and Safety committee will have an additional member certified for a total of three.

Union negotiating committee: Matthew Balloway and Jayme Jackson. Union representative: Jeff Barry.

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