Strike averted at Midemoya Foodland, members ratify new collective agreement

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October 5, 2023

Foodland members in Mindemoya ratified a three-year agreement on August 14, 2023 with a strike impending after a final offer by the employer was rejected twice by the membership.

Wage increases include:

  • Minimum Wage plus wage grids for all employees.
  • Wage grids were reduced from 56 months to 48 months to achieve end rate.
  • Year 1 -10 cent wage increase above the $1.05 Minimum Wage increase in October.
  • Year 2 & Year 3 – Minimum wage increase or 25 cents per hour whichever is greater.
  • $350 lump sum payment for Full-time and $250 lump sum for part-time including students.

Members who are transferred to work in a higher classification will receive $1.50 per hour for all hours worked in the higher classification. Members in charge of closing the store will receive an $8 per shift premium for closing, an important achievement for these workers.

The employer will match RRSP contributions of $350 for full-time and $225 for part-time workers each year.

There will be a new part-time benefit plan available at a 50/50 cost share after 5 years of service.

Other language improvements include new footwear allowance for all members of $125 per year, all members who take the forklift training will receive a $100 lump sum payment, and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will be added to the list of holidays.

Union negotiating committee: Tara Reckhan and Jedd Taylor. Union representative Jeff Barry.

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