St. Peter’s daycare secures new deal with pandemic pay language.

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July 5, 2021

St Peters Daycare ratifiesSt. Peters Daycare in Hamilton ratified a 2-year deal on June 14, 2021. The members will receive wage increases in Year 1 of $.40/hour for full-time and $.25/per hour for part-time. Year 2 $.25/hour for full time and $.20/hour for part-time. Pandemic Pay language was also negotiated where the employer will top up to 95% for COVID related issues when members need to collect the CSRB.

There was a new paid 15-minute rest period negotiated and part-time members will now be eligible for the float day. The employer will contribute $450 per year to the training and education fund.

Union negotiating committee Maria Thring and Paula Cercone. Union Representative Fred Teeple.

St Peters Daycare ratifies

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