Speer-Dykeman Report – The WSIB in Transition

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February 8, 2021

Report on the WSIB

Following the recent government review of the WSIB, the Speer-Dykeman Report has shone a light on some gaps and inadequacies in the current WSIB structure. In her letter of January 26, 2021, OFL President Patty Coates called on Minister McNaughton to respect and be “mindful of all stakeholders before taking any action either through legislative change or regulations.”

The initial review was to be based on three priorities. They were financial oversight, administration and efficiency. However, the final report actually made 25 recommendations. Several of these recommendations would have a direct impact on our day to day functioning and the long-term picture of injured workers. Overall, the review and recommendations ‘appear’ to be in favour of worker/union stakeholder concerns. At least they appeared to validate our concerns.

We stand behind the OFL in advocating for partnership, input and a seat at the table when dealing with changes to what we know to be a broken workers’ compensation system.

Read the letter from OFL President Patty Coates here.