On October 24, 2022, over 200 members at No Frills Franchises located across the northern portion of the province ratified a new five-year collective agreement.

Members achieved many gains including lump sum increases for those employees at the end rates of pay as of the date of ratification: $1000 for full-time and $500 for part-time. Members receive additional lump sum payments in May 2023 of $250 for full-time, and $100 for part-time in progress. Over the course of the agreement term, members will see wage rates increase by a total of $2.30 per hour.

Additionally, part-time members currently advancing through the wage progression will see the grid condensed allowing them to advance through to end rates quicker. Safety boot reimbursement was increased to $80, and supplemental benefits were improved for full-time members.

No Frills members also achieved significant improvements to bereavement language in this renewal collective agreement.

Union Representative/Director: Tracy Stubbs.

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