Gloria Almonte

Gloria Almonte

Gloria Almonte is a Union Steward at Olymel in Cornwall where she has worked for more than 19 years. Her days start early on a line that slices and packs bacon. She enjoys her shift because it gives her weekends and evenings off to be with her family and she can pick up some overtime. 

“I became a Steward to help my fellow members be treated fairly and to give a voice to the ones that could not stand up for their rights,” said Gloria. “I also got involved on the Health and Safety committee because people were always coming to me with queries and I felt I could make a difference.”

Gloria enjoys being able to fix issues for her co-workers and she appreciates the training and other opportunities, such as taking part on the negotiating committee, that are available to her as a Member and a Steward.

Her collective agreement contains seniority provisions, vacation distribution, and a grievance procedure; all of which she believes are especially beneficial to the members.

“After 19 years working with a lot of the same people, we have become like family and we enjoy spending time together,” said Gloria. “And I love going to the supermarket and seeing that the products we make are for sale. It gives me a sense of pride that I am actually a part of feeding people.”