Sault Ste. Marie Delta members ratify

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December 10, 2018

The 120 members of Local 175 working at the Delta Hotel in Sault Ste. Marie secured a new agreement recently.

Negotiations required conciliation after the members at Delta turned down a deal at the first ratification vote. The membership wanted to deal with pay for Housekeeping as well as tips and gratuities for kitchen staff.

The resulting ratified agreement contains wage increases totalling 2% plus 35 cents per hour for Housekeeping employees. All non-gratuity earning positions receive 2% in each year of the contract term. Gratuity earning positions will see a total increase of 3% by the third year of the agreement. And, Kitchen staff will now receive 7% of gratuities.

All full-time Maintenance staff will receive $100 toward the cost of purchasing winter boots.

Improved language addresses pay stubs, negotiating committee pay, discipline, seniority rights as applied to ending shifts early, and improved notice for shift cancellation. In addition, providing three weeks of vacation after five years of service is now included in the contract as well.

Union Negotiating Committee: Celena Campioni, Kim Crowe, Nancy Heyes-Sheen, Kerri Lehto, Samantha Rees, Tanya Saarela, Janice White, and Union Rep Jim Hames.