RX Drugmart members ratify a new province wide agreement.

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May 4, 2021

Local 175 members working at RX Drugmart in Ontario ratified a new five-year deal on May 2, 2021.RX Drugmart ratifies

The new wage grid places members on the scale at date of ratification based on their years of service and will result in an increase of 2%. Clerks will receive $0.35 cents per hour, Pharmacy Assistants will receive $0.35 cents per hour and Registered Pharmacy Technicians will receive $0.50 cents per hour. This wage increase will also apply to years 1,3,4, and 5, In year 2 members will receive a lump sum amount of $450 for full-time and $225 for part-time workers. All members who are red-circled will received lump sum amounts in years 1,3,4, and 5 of $450 for full-time and $225 for part-time.

In addition to the above negotiated wage increases, the Union was also able to secure a signing/pandemic bonus of $300 for full-time and $150 for part-time bargaining unit employees.  A new premium was also negotiated for those who are required to help in the pharmacy. Members will receive a premium of $.50 per hour for time spent in the pharmacy. Minimum wage plus language will also be included in the agreement to maintain a gap between the grid and minimum wage. Registered Pharmacy Technicians will be included in this language.

RX Drugmart ratifies

The premiums for the enhanced benefits will be locked-in without changes for the term of the CBA. A new benefit plan will be introduced to provide a health care spending account of $1300 for family and $500 single at no cost to members in addition to the current “Basic” plan in place that remains without cost to the members. Part time members will now receive eye glass coverage after 2 years, the eligibility was previously achieved at five years.  Members will receive $300 of coverage every two years up from $200. Eye exam cost coverage increases to $75 from $50.

There will be an increase to sick days for full-time with 1 – 5 years of service to 7 days, and those with 5 years or more of service will receive 9 days, this is an increase of two days in each category. Part-time workers with 1-5 years of service will receive 28 hours and those with 5 years or more of service will be entitled to 36 hours. This is an increase of 8 hours in the 2 part-time categories.

New uniform language has been achieved and will provide to members set amounts of apparel, the cost of which will be fully incurred by the employer.

Language was negotiated to provide the option for full-time members to work a 40 or 32-hour work week. Those who choose the 32-hour week will be scheduled on consecutive days of 8 hours each and will maintain entitlement to benefits. This option will assist those who require reduced hours and will assist these members for a number of reasons including reducing daycare costs or lifestyle change.

Negotiating committee: Lee Beaudry, Shannon Brody, Julie Woods. Director: John DiNardo, Union Rep Virginia Haggith

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