Rosewood Erie Glen Senior Living ratifies

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January 29, 2024

Rosewood Erie Glen Senior Living ratifies, eliminating start rate and progresses members to next band of wage grid.

Rosewood Erie Glen ratifies

Rosewood Senior Living retirement home members in Leamington ratified a two-year agreement on January 24, 2025.

Members will receive a general wage increase of 3.5 % in both years one and two. This agreement will eliminate the start rate in the wage grid which will result in a 2% increase for 80% of the membership before the general wage increase is applied. The wage grid hours will decrease from 7200 to 5400 hours immediately moving all members not currently at top rate up one step of the grid.

A wage adjustment was negotiated for RPNs of 75 cents and there will be the introduction of a night shift premium of $.15/hour and an afternoon premium of $.10/hour.

The vision care allowance will also increase from $325 to $375 every 24 months.

The employer will contribute to the Locals Training and Education Fund one cent per hour for all hours worked by members.

Union negotiating committee: Theresa Holland and Jennifer Raffoul. HOPE LTC Director: Sandra Ashcroft and Union representative: John Beaton.

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