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You have rights as a worker.

But, we know that many working people have their rights violated daily. Employees who continue to seek out our Organizers tell stories of division and exploitation as they face hurdle after hurdle just to be heard. Unions offer workers the ability to take back some control of their working lives.

Belonging to a Union has never been more important. Workers are facing new and fast-paced changes to the job market. Bringing a Union into the workplace lets workers take charge of their working life and work toward the future they deserve.

Our Union has your back. UFCW Locals 175 & 633 represents 70,000 working people across Ontario. Our Union wants to bring workers together, to stand united, and fight for the better lives they deserve.

Today’s working world is changing. Don’t get left behind. Want to know more about your rights and what your employer can and cannot do during the Organizing process? Learn more here.

Take charge of your future. Join the Union.

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And remember, all of your correspondence with our Organizers is confidential.

We get to celebrate victories with many workers who vote to Join the Union! Read about those wins here.

Want to learn more about what workers gain by negotiating as Union members? Check out our Negotiation Update section to see what workers can achieve together!

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