Retiree Roundup – November

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December 4, 2018

Congratulations to our most recent retirees!

A few of our workplaces had a number of retirees recently. Here are the retirees from:

Unilever (Good Humor-Bryers) Simcoe:


Ken Mitchell – 37 years

Dan Gates 33 years

Donna Gamble – 22 years


Tilly Cooke- 21 years

Peggy Fletcher 20 years








ADM Milling Port Colborne

UFCW Local 175 & 633 November 2018 Retiree Roundup

Doug Garbutt – 39 years

Peter Parry –  35 years

Rolf Nusen – 34 years

Larry  – 32 years

Leo Caron – 31 years

Pat Ivankovich – 31 years

Rudy Vink – 31 years

Al Martine – 23 years


Cargill London had a whopping 80 retirees recently! Here are a few pics:



UFCW Local 175 & 633 November 2018 Retiree Roundup

On July 29th Pauline Foley from Food Basics in Cornwall retired after 19 years. Pauline worked in both the grocery and bakery departments. She has been a proud union member and is thankful for the all of the benefits being a part the union has provided her. Her retirement plan is to spend some time to rest and relax and then to travel to different parts of the globe.


UFCW Local 175 & 633 November 2018 Retiree RoundupIan Huntley has retired from Zehrs Keswick after nearly 25 years. Ian was also a dedicated steward for more than 15 years. In his retirement Ian has moved to Elliott Lake where he works part-time at No Frills.


UFCW Local 175 & 633 November 2018 Retiree RoundupOn August 25th Karen McMillan retired from Metro #314 in Arnprior where she worked for nearly 25 years. Karen says she has enjoyed every minute since! She is enjoying her retirement by visiting her children, spending time with her grandchildren and biking almost every day.


UFCW Local 175 & 633 November 2018 Retiree RoundupWilliam (Bill) Tierney worked for Metro for 46 years. Bill started at the A&P in Pembroke then when the store converted in 2002 he transferred to Arnprior where he retired from in September 2018. Since then Bill has enjoyed playing lots of golf and cards with his friends, and is also and helping a friend out at his business. Bill is enjoying having more time to spend with family.


UFCW Local 175 & 633 November 2018 Retiree RoundupAnne Andrecheck worked in the pharmacy at Rexall in Renfrew for the last 16 years and retired on November 30th 2018. Anne says the things she is looking forward the most is having more time with her grandchildren and to relax. Anne says she will miss her co-workers but in retirement she can’t wait to get back at her two favorites hobbies. Gardening which she said she never had enough time for and she will be getting the canvas out and start painting again.


We wish all of our recent retirees a happy retirement filled with all the things you love. Congratulations!