Renewed contract for Metro Southgate workers

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December 10, 2013

Retail grocery workers at Metro Southgate in Ottawa had a meeting on December 9 where members had the opportunity to discuss the terms of a negotiated new contract with the employer.The ratified deal brings full-time employees at the end rate an increase of 35 cents per hour in the first year, 30 cents per hour in both the second and third years, and future lump sums of $1,200 in the final three years of the contract term. In lieu of retroactive pay, these workers receive a lump sum of $250. Part-time workers at the end rate receive increases totalling 70 cents per hour in the first two years, and lump sums equivalent to 50 cents per hour worked during the previous year in each of the final four years of the deal. Additionally, part-time employees receive a lump sum of $175, for those with three or more years of service, or $100 if they have less, in lieu of retroactive pay.

Employees selected to open or close the store, in the absence of a manager, receive a premium of $10 per day. Those appointed to work in shipping/receiving for two hours or more in a given day will receive a premium of 75 cents per hour for the duration of the shift.
Paid sick leave increases to 48 hours per year, up from 40. The maximum short-term disability benefits increases to $500, up from $450, and these benefits will now extend until the age of 70 instead of the 65. Extended Health coverage provides for $400 per year per specialist, an increase from the previous $300. Full-time employees receive eye exam reimbursement of $50 and orthopaedic shoes are now covered up to $400, which is a $200 increase.
Full-time workers with three weeks or more of vacation entitlement can now use up to one week of that time as individual days. Part-time may use all their vacation as individual days and can also opt to receive their vacation paid out in May of every year or at the time the take vacation. Bereavement leave entitlement increases to provide five days, up from three, for the death of an immediate family member.
Other improved language addresses vacation scheduling, job postings for temporary full-time replacement positions, seniority credits for part-time workers moving to full-time, an improved safety shoe allowance, and Family Day has been added as a paid holiday.
Union Negotiating Committee: Ian McCall, Trevor Pearson, Cathy Rideout, Servicing Rep Jacques Niquet and Union Rep Daniel Mercier.