Redpath Sugar ratifies the elimination of two-tier wage grid and improved overtime language

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May 30, 2023

Members in Belleville working at Redpath Sugar ratified a five-year agreement on May 28, 2023.Redpath Sugar ratifies

Employees hired prior to Nov 28, 2010 will receive wage increase of: $0.82 retroactive to Dec 10, 2022, Year 2 – $0.65, Year 3 – $0.55, Year 4 – $0.56, Year 5 – $0.84. Members will also receive a $500 lump sum payment upon ratification.

Employees hired on or after Nov 28, 2010 will receive wage increases of: $1.51 retroactive to Dec 10, 2022, Year 2 – $0.87, Year 3 – $0.79, Year 4 – $0.83, Year 5 – $1.12.

These increases will eliminate the lower tier wage grid at the end of the 4th year, which approximately 80% of the membership were on. Eliminating this wage tier during the term of the agreement ensures the higher tier wage grid will not disappear when the remaining workers approximately 20% on this grid quit or retire.

Language improvements include:

    • Meal allowance increases to $12.00.Redpath Sugar ratifies
  • Stronger seniority provisions for training assignments, postings, layoff/recall.
  • Improved vacation language regarding scheduling of vacation.
  • Improved Mandatory Overtime language with further restrictions on the employer’s ability to mandate employees to work overtime.

Union negotiating committee: Neil Asselstine, Holly Bresett and Alex MacQuarrie. Region 3 Director: Paul Hardwick and Union Representative: Sean Carroll.

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