Ratified Xactics agreement brings wage increases totalling more than 10%

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December 11, 2019

The Unionized employees at Xactics International in Cornwall achieved a new agreement recently.

The new deal, which includes wage increases totalling more than 10%, will see the members through the next four years.

Bargaining proceeded to conciliation to reach an agreement two issues: Originally, the employer proposed a five-year term and the Members wanted a shorter length of agreement. Additionally, the Members at Xactics were not happy with the initial salary increases and wanted to achieve more money up front. The Union Negotiating Committee was successful in both aspects, achieving a four-year agreement and a substantial raise in year one.

In the first year, employees will see a raise of 4.81%. In each of the subsequent years of the agreement, employees will receive 2% increases. Other monetary improvements include the annual boot allowance, which goes up to $130 by the final year of the agreement, up from the current $115. In addition, the meal allowance for employees completing overtime improves to $25 per meal, up from $20.

To maintain the current level of health and welfare benefits for the members, the employer will contribute 2% per year more, on top of its current contributions, toward the cost of the plan premiums. For the duration of the agreement, the employees’ contributions to the plan premiums will not increase.

Now, Stewards will receive 30 minutes to meet with new hires to introduce those employees to the Union and their collective agreement.

Stewards benefit from an increased number of paid days leave for Steward Training. They now get up to two per year and/or six occasions during the life of the agreement.

New language ensures that employees will benefit from any new statutory holidays announced by the government. The employer will pay 100% of the lost wages for the Union Negotiating Committee. Plus, the employer will pay the cost of meetings rooms during negotiations, and the cost for printing copies of the agreements for the members.

Xactic International members ratifyLanguage improvements address better call-in pay provisions and bereavement leave entitlement. The agreement now includes Leaves of Absence and Greater Right of Benefit language as provided under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) as well.

The agreement covers 18 full-time employees at Xactics International in Cornwall. Members ratified the four-year agreement on December 10, 2019.

Union Negotiating Committee: Michel Cardinal and Union Rep Joe Tenn.

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