Ratified northern YIG master agreement covers almost 700 members

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February 6, 2017

Almost 700 members covered by the Your Independent Grocer (YIG) northern master agreement achieved a new collective agreement on January 4, 2017. The ratified deal covers bargaining unit members at five stores: Dumas’ YIG, including Wadland Pharmacy, and Vrab’s YIG in Sudbury, Neil’s YIG in Hanmer, Gagnon’s YIG in Bracebridge, and Terry’s YIG in Gravenhurst.

YIG Northern Master Union Negotiating Committee (2017)Members secured growing wages over the next five years covered by the contract. Each year will see increases to the end and progression rates, and part-time wage progressions receive additional adjustments as they accrue seniority to ensure that employee’s wages remain above the minimum wage set by the province. The first end-rate increase is retroactive for hours worked since the expiry of the previous agreement and members in the progression grid receive a signing bonus of up to $100.

Additional gains include a bump in the safety shoe allowance to $100, up from $75, a minimum four-hour call-in  guarantee for all full-time employees, and new language giving members more say as to which Union Steward they would like representing them at meetings.

Union Negotiating Committee: Marc Belanger, Paul Brown, Paula Castilloux, Brenda Oldfield, Sally Owens, Lorne Ramanko, Lynn Valentino, and Union Reps Jeff Barry and Tony Nigro.