Prescott members at O’Reilly’s YIG ratify increase and language to wages

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February 9, 2023

The members at O’Reilly’s YIG (Your Independent Grocer) in Prescott have ratified a new collective agreement with a five-year term. Both full and part-time workers will receive wage increases of $1.00/hour at the date of ratification, September 2023 – $.50, September 2024 – $.40, September 2025 – $.35. Members will also receive lump sum payments of full-time: $1600.00, part-time at end rate: $800.00, part-time not at end rate and students: $100.00

It will now take full-time members 36 months to reach the wage scale end rate reduced from 48 months with increases throughout the scale. Part-time members will reach end rate after 5751 hours reduced from 6501 hours.  All part-time workers will now be on the same wage grid with the elimination of the post 2013 wage scale.

Language improvements include that the full and part-time schedules will be posted a day earlier by noon on Wednesday, and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will be added to the list of paid holidays for full-time.

Union negotiating committee: Susan Chillson. Union representatives: Sandra Proulx and Joe Tenn.

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