Pettenuzzo’s YIG in Kirkland Lake ratifies new agreement.

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June 23, 2021

The new 5-year agreement ratified on May 27, 2021 will provide wage increases as follows for both full and part-time members: date of ratification $.50 per hour, 2022 $.25 per hour, 2023 $.25 per hour and 2024 $.30 per hour. Plus $.25 per hour in retro back pay to expiry. Language was also added to ensure that a gap is maintained between the minimum wage and the wage grid for part-time workers.

There will be a $.10 increase to the night shift premium which will now be $1.15 per hour, and a $2.00 increase to the closing premium to $10.00. This premium will be paid over and above any incentive paid.

Other improvements include a $25.00 increase to footwear allowance to $125.00 and all full-time members are now entitled to floater day.

Language improvements include an additional 7 days to file a grievance bringing it to 14 days. An extra day of bereavement will be added to now be 5 days and step-sibling will be added to the eligible list of family members.

Union negotiating committee: Kelly Bodick and Shawn Goodman. Union representative John Beaton

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