Pepsi members in Thunder Bay achieve 3-year contract

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May 31, 2017

Union Negotiating Committee for Pepsi-Cola Thunder Bay May 2017

Union Negotiating Committee: John Bennardo, Bill Lavoie, & Rendell Sawchyn.

On May 24, 2017, the membership at Pepsi-Cola in Thunder Bay ratified a three-year agreement.

The negotiating committee, whose Members have a combined length of service of more than 85 years, achieved a number of improvements.

Wages increases by a total of $1.20 per hour over the term of the contract. The shift premium for Lead Hand increases to $1.20 per hour, up from $1. In addition, the afternoon shift premium improves to 75 cents per hour, up from 65 cents.

Members benefit from improved employer pension contributions which increase by $1 per year, per hour worked, in 2017 and by another $1 in 2018. Existing employees working 10-hour shifts will now receive up to 50 hours in paid sick leave. Plus, the safety boot allowance increases to $200, up from $185, per year.

Language improvements provide an opportunity for more time off in the summer months if, after the first vacation bid, there are additional weeks available. Bereavement leave language is also enhanced.

The employer will make improved contributions toward the UFCW Locals 175 & 633 Training & Education Fund of $500 per year, up from $400.

Union Negotiating Committee: John Bennardo, Bill Lavoie, Rendell Sawchyn, and Union Rep Colby Flank.

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