Pepsi members in London ratify wage increases and language improvements

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April 26, 2023

The members in London employed by Pepsi have ratified a three- year agreement on April 17, 2023. Members will see wage increases across all classification retroactive to the date of expiry in year one of $1.00 per hour, year 2 – $.90/hour and year 3 – $0.85/hour.

In 2023 $1.00 in pension credit will be added and the defined benefit plan have a future service pension benefit of $66.00 a month times years of service.

Language improvements include:

  • Increase in work ware allowances.
  • Increase in tool allowances.
  • Language to assist in vacation booking.
  • Creation of a committee to review payroll issues and provide updates to the labour management team for quarterly review.
  • New Letter of Understanding creating an opportunity for transition scheduling into retirement. Members beyond 55 years of age with 30 years’ service may apply to reduce their work while transitioning to retirement.
  • For those hired after April 23 2017, there will be an opportunity for those with good attendance to accumulate additional paid sick leave from 3 days per year to 6 days per year, with any unused sick leave to be paid out at 100%.

Union negotiating committee: Paul Lehx, Ian Scanlon, Mark Sop and Eric Whimperis. Union representative: Dave Forbes

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