Parmalat North Bay ratifies new 3 year agreement

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December 21, 2017

The members at Parmalat Dairy in North Bay have a new three-year collective agreement.

The agreement provides all classifications with a $.50/hr increase in each year of the collective agreement.

There are improvements to the health and welfare plan as well. This includes an increase to vision care coverage from $195 every 24 months to $225. Eye exam fee allowance will increase from $75 to $100 in a 24-month period as well.

Other monetary improvements include an increase in the boot allowance to $225 up from $200, and the employer will reimburse up to a maximum of $150 per year for the renewal of an AZ/DZ license.

This set of bargaining also settled the ongoing issue of the employer contracting out the Sudbury run which was a violation of the collective agreement. The run will now be done by a bargaining unit member as a result of these negotiations.

Members ratified the contract on December 19, 2017.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ken Cox, Union Reps. Jeff Barry and Derek Jokhu.

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