Pano Cap members achieve new agreement

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August 18, 2020

Recently, the members at Pano Cap in Kitchener, achieved a new three-year collective agreement.

Throughout bargaining for the renewal agreement at Pano Cap, the Union Negotiating Committee remained strong and united to achieve a good outcome. Following four days of bargaining, the Union requested conciliation to reach agreement on several issues. The resulting recommended settlement was presented to the members for their vote on August 11.

The ratified agreement includes a number of improvements to compensation and language for the Members at Pano Cap.

Wages under Appendix A will improve by 65 cents per hour in year one, 60 cents per hour in year two, and another 55 cents per hour in year three. The Committee achieved improved shift premiums as well. This includes:

  • 90 cents per hour, up from 78 cents, for the afternoon shift;
  • $1.68 per hour, up from $1.46, for the night shift; and,
  • $3.50 per hour, up from $3, for supervisory pay relief in the first year, $3.75 per hour in the second year, and $4 per hour in the third year.

Members will benefit from achieving one paid sick day per year, whereas before they had none.

Plus, bereavement leave language now provides five days off, instead of four, for the death of an immediate family member.

Going forward, the employer will pay 100% of the lost wages for one member of the negotiating committee, and 50% of the lost wages for the remaining two members of the committee. Previously, the employer only paid 50% for all three committee members.

The Committee also achieved a guarantee that the employer will contribute $250 per year toward the UFCW Local 175 Training & Education Fund instead of its previous one-time contribution of $250.

This collective agreement covers more than 60 employees at the Pano Cap facility in Kitchener, where they make plastic caps and closures for all types of products and packaging.

Union Negotiating Committee: Osama al-Jeibat, Susan Phillips, Linda Trider, and Union Rep Joce Cote.

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