Pano Cap in Kitchener ratifies significant wage increases

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October 5, 2023

The membership at Pano Cap Canada in Kitchener ratified a three-year agreement on September 29, 2023 with wage increases of Year 1 – $2.00 (retroactive to date of expiry), Year 2 – $1.00 and Year 3 – $1.00.  The apprenticeship rate will increase 5% over and above the general wage increase. Additionally, the requirement for hours worked to receive the higher rate of pay for performing the QC job will decrease.

The employer pension contribution will increase by $.15 per hour worked.

Language improvements include:

  • Increase to the safety wear.
  • Step-siblings added to bereavement leave.
  • Reimbursement of up to $100 for notes or forms requested by the employer.
  • Overtime language to permit shifts of four hours.
  • Additional floater day.

Union negotiating committee: Jenny Her, Svetlana Petresin and Josipa Vidakovic. Union representatives: Mike Windley and Mario Tardelli.

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