Pandemic pay and language, and other improvements for Comfort Inn Hart Drive members

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February 11, 2021

In this round of bargaining, the Union Negotiating Committee for members at the Comfort Inn Hart Drive worked hard to achieve an agreement that included pandemic language and more.

Comfort Inn Hart Drive Barrie members ratifyNegotiations also required the assistance of a Conciliation Officer from the Ministry of Labour to reach an agreement on monetary items.

The pandemic language negotiated includes a premium payment of 25 cents per hour. The wage grid, which ensures rates stay ahead of minimum wage improvements, will improve in each year of the agreement. In 2021, the rate will provide 50 cents per hour over minimum wage and, in 2022 the rate will improve to minimum wage plus 60 cents per hour. Members will receive a lump sum payment upon ratification of $700 for full-time and $400 for part-time.

Further improvements will provide one paid sick day and one paid floater day per year for all members of the bargaining unit. Additionally, members will receive $50 per year toward the purchase of safety shoes.

Lastly, the employer agreed to cover half the cost of printing copies of the agreement for members.

Members ratified the three-year agreement on February 2, 2021. The agreement covers the six full-time and eight part-time employees at the Comfort Inn on Hart Drive in Barrie.

Union Negotiating Committee: Janice Ferrier, Judy Simpson, and Union Rep Ali Farman.

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