Palisade Gardens members ratify wage increases and special wage adjustments

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January 12, 2023

On January 5, 2023, members at Palisade Gardens in Cobourg ratified a renewal collective agreement at 100%.

This round of bargaining was difficult as the Union and employer were far apart on wage improvements. But, the committee persevered and achieved an agreement that members ratified unanimously.

The two-year agreement includes wage increases of 2% in year one, paid retroactive for hours worked since the expiry of the previous agreement, and 3% in year two.

In addition, Members in the following classifications receive special wage adjustments at each step of the wage grid:

  • Housekeeping – 30 cents per hour
  • Cook – 30 cents per hour
  • Server – 30 cents per hour

Members also benefit from a weekend premium of 15 cents per hour, and the wage grid has been condensed to two steps, down from three. Additionally, members will receive one added float day and will have medical notes paid by the employer.

This agreement covers 52 full-time healthcare workers at the Palisade Gardens retirement residence in Cobourg.

Union Negotiating Committee: Natalia Mokros, Jamie Dunk. Union Representative: Ayesha Jabbar.

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