Ottawa YIG members at Massine’s unanimously ratify new collective agreement

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August 18, 2023

Massine’s YIG in Ottawa unanimously ratified a five-year agreement on August 9, 2023. Wages will increase for both full and part-time members at date of ratification: $0.70, March 2024 – $0.50, March 2025 – $0.40, March 2026 – $0.35, and March 2027 – $0.35 retroactive for full and part time at end rate to date of expiry.  Part-time not at end rate and students will receive a $100 signing bonus.

There are increases throughout the progression on the full-time scale and the part-time wage scale end rate hours are reduced to 5751 hours from 6501 hours. All current employes can achieve end rate. A differential increase protection was negotiated for part-time employees in the event of minimum wage increases.

Other language improvements include:

  • Safety Boot allowance increased to $110.00 (up from $95.00) every 12 months for full and part-time.
  • Shift Schedule to be posted by Wednesday vs Thursday.
  • Improved language for bullying and harassment.
  • Shift swap language added for part-time employees.
  • Shift marketplace language added for part-time employees.

Union negotiating committee: Tyler Gaskell and Diane Lefebvre. Union representative: Joe Tenn.